Release Notes - Doctrine 2 - ORM - Version 2.2.1 - HTML format


  • [DDC-1556] - @PostLoad hook being executed more than once for the same entity when loaded through relationship
  • [DDC-1625] - proxy initialized when accessing identifier on extending class
  • [DDC-1634] - Lazy Proxy ID Method on Inheritance Entities not working
  • [DDC-1640] - Actual classMetadata is not used when entity with DiscriminatorMap is hydrated, instead AbstractClass metaData is used.
  • [DDC-1643] - PersistentCollection should support clone
  • [DDC-1651] - APC query caching fails when an entity is bound to a query parameter.
  • [DDC-1652] - ArrayHydrator with composite primary key
  • [DDC-1654] - OrphanRemoval does not work with One-To-Many, Unidirectional with Join Table
  • [DDC-1655] - PostLoad not getting fired
  • [DDC-1658] - EntityGenerator allows to null ids associations.
  • [DDC-1659] - Clear read only entities
  • [DDC-1660] - Annotation @version is not allowed to be declared on class
  • [DDC-1661] - No unique join column fields for Single Table inheritance type.
  • [DDC-1668] - bug with reading cached annotations in Annotation driver
  • [DDC-1673] - ProxyFactory method generateProxyClasses argument $toDir does not affect anything
  • [DDC-1678] - When many to many changes but no fields, listeners don't get notified about update.


  • [DDC-1667] - UniqueConstraint without a 'name' attribute generates Syntax error under postgre

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