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  • [DDC-1082] - On PostgreSQL "doctrine orm:schema-tool:drop --force" will not delete all tables created by orm:schema-tool:create and still report success
  • [DDC-1266] - doctrine drop sequence twice
  • [DDC-1346] - Error when referencing aliased sub-select in where clause
  • [DDC-1358] - Native Query hydration ignores empty entity doublons
  • [DDC-1382] - getIdentifierValues causes an exception on entyties that have only association keys
  • [DDC-1383] - Inheritance superclass object is created after merging entity referencing to discriminated entity
  • [DDC-1386] - getPartialReference() will result in data loss if default values are used
  • [DDC-1399] - Wrong count() value in many-to-many relationship and EXTRA_LAZY
  • [DDC-1400] - joining and selecting associated collection, which is using indexBy, to a query is triggering UPDATE queries for each collection element which were joined.
  • [DDC-1402] - Huge performance leak in SingleTablePersister
  • [DDC-1410] - leftJoin with condition WITH & Object Hydratation problem.
  • [DDC-1411] - onCascade property gets wrong value when entities are generated
  • [DDC-1414] - UnitOfWork#getCommitOrder() does not add dependencies for all related classes
  • [DDC-1420] - doctrine orm:validate-schema failure when using Migrations
  • [DDC-1421] - SQL Casing in BasicEntityPersister::_getSelectColumnAssociationSQL
  • [DDC-1435] - Exception thrown when generating SQL from a DQL subselect where the entity has a foreign key as a primary key
  • [DDC-1436] - Problems with identity map on self-referencing
  • [DDC-1454] - SQL error when requesting state for unknown joined inheritance entity with natural identifier
  • [DDC-1462] - Extra Lazy and slice() on dirty collection
  • [DDC-1474] - Selecting expressions involving the unary minus operator will not work, whereas the EBNF syntax definitions for DQL say they should
  • [DDC-1477] - GH-177: ProxyFactory was redeclaring methods in some OSs
  • [DDC-1496] - OrphanRemove does not work when using clear() without initializing the collection before


  • [DDC-1316] - Insert statement for joined subclass presister doesn't type change the id values for subtables
  • [DDC-1335] - QueryBuilder->form() does not allow the INDEX BY clause

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