Release Notes - Doctrine 2 - ORM - Version 2.1.2 - HTML format


  • [DDC-1113] - getCommitOrder misses some relations when used with Inheritance and self-referencing field
  • [DDC-1225] - Invalid SQL generated (extra comma) when joining to entity with composite PK
  • [DDC-1306] - Possible bug in CommitOrderCalculator
  • [DDC-1321] - OrphanRemoval with bi-directional one-to-one on inverse sides
  • [DDC-1337] - Rollback doesn't work on transactional multi table update with mysql
  • [DDC-1341] - MultiTableUpdateExecutor does not bind parameters properly
  • [DDC-1348] - UnitOfWork::getEntityState bug with pre insert id generators
  • [DDC-1354] - ClassName proxy classes has includes '\' in front of namespace while other don't
  • [DDC-1356] - DQL does not accept a parameter containing Entities
  • [DDC-1367] - Include path not passed to ClassLoader when autoloading Doctrine library from directory
  • [DDC-1381] - Typo in ClassMetadataFactory
  • [DDC-1392] - Merge for not initialized entity proxy object with set ID fails
  • [DDC-1397] - Accesing a OneToMany relation with Child Classes and OneToOne relations.


  • [DDC-869] - repositoryClass poperty not possible on MappedSuperClass
  • [DDC-1031] - Cascade ALL Case-Sensitive in Annotations Driver?
  • [DDC-1350] - Github-PR-112 by Ringosan: Mismatch in method signature when compared to method calls.

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