Release Notes - Doctrine 2 - ORM - Version 2.1.1 - HTML format


  • [DDC-1022] - Wakeup behavior difference between proxy and eager-loaded instance
  • [DDC-1098] - Cascading delete is broken for all relationships other than inheritance relationships, at least on MySQL 5.0
  • [DDC-1215] - doctrine:generate:entities creates entities incorrect visibility of properties for subclasses
  • [DDC-1240] - Missing exception message
  • [DDC-1243] - Problem to generate code for subclasses without identifiers.
  • [DDC-1244] - [regression] Entities generator fails to update entities without any namespace, always append the generated definitions to the end of the class
  • [DDC-1250] - Ambiguous column in query using one-to-one self-referencing bidirectional association
  • [DDC-1251] - EntityGenerator uses non-existing constant T_AMPERSAND
  • [DDC-1254] - EntityGenerator does not respect Class Inheritance properly
  • [DDC-1257] - Duplicate PHP methods generated from XML metadata lifecycle-callbacks
  • [DDC-1268] - generate:entities creates bad method names with OneToMany
  • [DDC-1275] - ResultSetMappingBuilder does not set foreign keys
  • [DDC-1276] - Merging persistent collections broken if managed and merged collection are the same object
  • [DDC-1280] - Generated proxy classes have mixed line endings on Windows
  • [DDC-1282] - getDateAddDaysExpression() casts $days to integer preventing column based add expressions.
  • [DDC-1298] - SqlWalker->walkSelectClause imploding empty strings results in invalid query
  • [DDC-1300] - Can't fetch entities from IdentityMap when using a foreign keys as identifiers
  • [DDC-1301] - EXTRA_LAZY collection count throws exception on OneToMany association
  • [DDC-1302] - orphan-removal does not work in XML
  • [DDC-1313] - DriverChain::getAllClassNames() is very inefficient in some scenarios
  • [DDC-1333] - doctrine-mapping.xsd allows only one <id> element
  • [DDC-1340] - Missing argument 3 for OptimisticLockException::lockFailedVersionMissmatch()


  • [DDC-1021] - Automatically infer type when DateTime is used as parameter in queries

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