Release Notes - Doctrine 2 - ORM - Version 2.0.7 - HTML format


  • [DDC-849] - PersistentCollection::clear() doesn't clear the collection
  • [DDC-1022] - Wakeup behavior difference between proxy and eager-loaded instance
  • [DDC-1189] - PersistentCollection::clear() does not cause the collection to be initialized
  • [DDC-1211] - Expr::literal problem with numeric value 0
  • [DDC-1224] - QueryBuilder delete issues CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE error on PostgreSQL
  • [DDC-1230] - entity state is not set to STATE_REMOVED when removing an entity
  • [DDC-1240] - Missing exception message
  • [DDC-1251] - EntityGenerator uses non-existing constant T_AMPERSAND
  • [DDC-1257] - Duplicate PHP methods generated from XML metadata lifecycle-callbacks
  • [DDC-1276] - Merging persistent collections broken if managed and merged collection are the same object
  • [DDC-1302] - orphan-removal does not work in XML


  • [DDC-1195] - The orm:convert-mapping is not configurable enough for Symfony2

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