Release Notes - Doctrine 2 - ORM - Version 3.0 - HTML format


  • [DDC-1314] - DQL permits partial select using SQL
  • [DDC-2133] - Issue with Query::iterate and query mixed results


  • [DDC-274] - Class and namespace naming inconsistency
  • [DDC-536] - Remove the _ prefix from private and protected members
  • [DDC-1599] - OnFlush event in transaction
  • [DDC-1738] - Allow multiple Generators per class
  • [DDC-1963] - Remove by-ref access to changeset in lifecycle event args
  • [DDC-2089] - Modify OneToMany to allow unidirectional associations without the need of a JoinTable
  • [DDC-2390] - Remove Parser and SQLWalker dependency on Query
  • [DDC-3212] - Remove ArrayHydrator logic
  • [DDC-3512] - Redesign ClassMetadata API as ValueObject based (for type-safety and self-documentation)
  • [DDC-3527] - Provide a method to retrieve exactly one entity out of entity repository
  • [DDC-3832] - readOnly should be renamed to immutable in the mapping

New Feature

  • [DDC-213] - Persist order of collections
  • [DDC-3183] - Add JsonSerializable to Collections

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