Release Notes - Doctrine 2 - ORM - Version 2.x - HTML format


  • [DDC-624] - Partial object query that leaves out an association to avoid loading it fetches the association anyway.
  • [DDC-745] - DateTime with SQLite
  • [DDC-1505] - EntityManager->find returning null for entity on the inverse side of a OneToOne association
  • [DDC-1521] - No way reuse parameters in custom function twice
  • [DDC-1598] - ProxyFactory makes assumptions on identifier getter code
  • [DDC-1774] - [GH-334] Command fixes
  • [DDC-2602] - Unable to query for entities on postLoad event
  • [DDC-3137] - Entity Repository Interface Fatal Error


  • [DDC-585] - Create a coding standards document


  • [DDC-4] - Implement support for Concrete Table Inheritance
  • [DDC-676] - Find a way to test serialize/unserialize of all ClassMetadata properties in isolation
  • [DDC-763] - Cascade merge on associated entities can insert too many rows through "Persistence by Reachability"
  • [DDC-810] - Issue with detaching entities and updating when using change notification
  • [DDC-838] - SchemaTool - ignores the attribute uniq in relations
  • [DDC-896] - Use PDepend for Code-Generation
  • [DDC-947] - Optmize Code-Generation Strategies
  • [DDC-1200] - Derived Id Generator
  • [DDC-1219] - Remove dependancy on Collection interface in Domain Objects
  • [DDC-1229] - generate entity interactive dialog: id column
  • [DDC-1262] - Have proxies copy docblocks aswell
  • [DDC-1308] - Add cache for transient information and invalidation for ClassMetadata
  • [DDC-1320] - Ship Immutable date time with Doctrine Common, use in ORM - Should implement __toString()
  • [DDC-1370] - preInsert, postInsert, prePersist, postPersist, preUpdate, postUpdate code and documentation of events
  • [DDC-1373] - Map file with specific class
  • [DDC-1393] - Skipping tables or columns in database driver or SchemaTool
  • [DDC-1445] - Improve error messages
  • [DDC-1450] - UnitOfWork Transaction Rollback Support
  • [DDC-1530] - HIDDEN values cannot be used in WhereClause
  • [DDC-1852] - Doctrine\ORM\Tools\SchemaValidator should check validity of lifecycle callbacks
  • [DDC-2570] - Doctrine CLI Tools - Clear All Cache

New Feature

  • [DDC-17] - Ability to skip the operation from a pre-operation event handler
  • [DDC-128] - Consider adding EntityManager#link/unlink methods for direct association manipulation
  • [DDC-298] - Allow Entity to hold a collection of a single primitive type
  • [DDC-391] - Allow to specifiy custom Entity and Collection Persister classes
  • [DDC-667] - Lock Timeout Query Hint for DQL Queries
  • [DDC-668] - add upsert support
  • [DDC-821] - Consider adding Query-Join as another join method for DQL
  • [DDC-1178] - Have access to "original" metadata in events subscribed to loadClassMetadata
  • [DDC-1264] - Add more math related DQL funcs (trig, round, stuff?)
  • [DDC-1265] - Evaluate skip operations / loading through events
  • [DDC-1415] - EventListener delegate on entity basis
  • [DDC-1543] - Support for Mapping Files on Traits
  • [DDC-1729] - Translate queries into graphs of value objects (instead of array hydration?)


  • [DDC-222] - Create unit tests for CLI components


  • [DDC-658] - Reverse engineering with Oracle (DBDriver and Associations as Identifier)
  • [DDC-691] - doctrine.readOnly query hint

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