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  • [DDC-133] - Complete implementation for schema support.
  • [DDC-419] - Problem when I make a INNER JOIN between 2 classes
  • [DDC-522] - Join columns can not be named the same as the association fields.
  • [DDC-542] - ManyToMany with Properties sharing Join columns with PRimary Key
  • [DDC-562] - @OneToOne is not generating a unique constraint on the owning table
  • [DDC-581] - Unable to use single value association with IN expression
  • [DDC-633] - fetch="EAGER" is not loading one to one associations
  • [DDC-645] - XML schema missing change-tracking-policy
  • [DDC-650] - $data using wrong index in UnitOfWork::createEntity() in one to one assoc
  • [DDC-651] - Bad class (without used namespace) is provided in extends section of entity class declaration in generator.
  • [DDC-675] - EntityManager->find() returns detached (or otherwise unmanaged) object.
  • [DDC-680] - Complex Mathematical Expressions in DQL Subselects
  • [DDC-700] - Proxy class is created for MappedSuperclass class
  • [DDC-703] - Explicit change tracking not inherited by inheriting classes
  • [DDC-704] - Inheritance-type with no discriminator-column results in SQL Error
  • [DDC-709] - Doctrine-cli should check @OrderBy() taget existency
  • [DDC-728] - Inherited (JOINED) associations referred on DQL on owning side doesn't refer to correct table column
  • [DDC-729] - When merging many to many entities back into the repository all associations are deleted on the next flush
  • [DDC-735] - PersistentCollection#remove() and PersistentCollection#removeElement() behave differently
  • [DDC-738] - Default Allocation Size remains still 10 in Beta 3
  • [DDC-765] - \Symfony\Components renamed to \Symfony\Component (singular) ... refactoring unfinished. console cannot be invoked
  • [DDC-770] - Cleanup Query instance when cloneed
  • [DDC-771] - EntityGenerator generates wrong use statement in entity file
  • [DDC-778] - Query Clone Removes DQL
  • [DDC-790] - Generating entities with cli failed on inheritated entities due missing PK


  • [DDC-383] - Setting Column name doesn't work predictably in associations
  • [DDC-385] - Change behaviour if fully qualified classname is passed in as string
  • [DDC-584] - Document DBAL ArrayType and ObjectType in "Doctrine Mapping Types" instructions
  • [DDC-626] - Remove Association Classes
  • [DDC-654] - Unused lines of code in Doctrine\ORM\Query\AST\Functions
  • [DDC-695] - throw error on non-existing relation target column
  • [DDC-737] - Update PersistentCollection to upport slice($offset, $length);
  • [DDC-741] - Support SingleValuedAssociationPathExpression owning side Association in InExpression
  • [DDC-752] - Postpone Metadata Validation Until After Driver and loadClassMetadata Has Executed

New Feature

  • [DDC-757] - Make names for tables and join columns not mandatory


  • [DDC-663] - Update PEAR install command
  • [DDC-684] - Flaw in Build Process?

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