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  • [DDC-119] - Collection change tracking broken with NOTIFY policy
  • [DDC-130] - Cascading and @ManyToMany associations is broken
  • [DDC-203] - Detached entities are recognized as new ones
  • [DDC-455] - E_NOTICE Undefined index when setting field to a property that is not persisted
  • [DDC-501] - Merging entities that contained unloaded proxy collections will delete those associations
  • [DDC-518] - Merging an entity with a one to one association to a MANAGED entity with no id throws 'The given entity has no identity.'
  • [DDC-555] - @ManyToMany - curious behaviour - assigned values toggle
  • [DDC-575] - Ignoring some annotations
  • [DDC-611] - Clearing APC cache is broken
  • [DDC-613] - QueryBuilder doesn't permit any functions in select()
  • [DDC-614] - Multiple Entities in FROM clause throws exception
  • [DDC-616] - Reverse engineering with Oracle
  • [DDC-618] - INDEX BY not working
  • [DDC-625] - orm:schema-tool:update --dump-sql showing SQL when DB is up-to-date
  • [DDC-627] - Unexpected Duplicate Field Mapping Exception
  • [DDC-634] - Merging an entity with a single valued association that has been set to null has no effect
  • [DDC-641] - Conversion from annotation to xml mapping not matching XML schema (Cascade persist)
  • [DDC-642] - Conversion from annotation to xml mapping doesn't equal (missing inversedBy)
  • [DDC-644] - [ORACLE] setting query maxResults together with firstResult leads to an error
  • [DDC-646] - Missing inclusion of namespace
  • [DDC-647] - string length not taken into account on id while using Yaml driver
  • [DDC-649] - SQL Error with single table inheritance and findAll method
  • [DDC-656] - UnitOfWork::recomputeSingleEntityChangeSet does not preserve field order
  • [DDC-660] - quoting not-in-values
  • [DDC-662] - Missing default value for attribute 'AutoGenerateProxyClasses'
  • [DDC-669] - order of fields in sql query and parameters to be bound to the dbal's statement is different
  • [DDC-681] - PATCH: UnitOfWork#lock locks by column names instead of field names
  • [DDC-693] - NULL values from Postgres boolean columns are loaded as FALSE instead of NULL
  • [DDC-706] - DriverChain::isTransient should return false not throw exception
  • [DDC-710] - DecimalType - NULL in database should be NULL not 0
  • [DDC-714] - Fix of DDC-167 creates FatalError when persisting a new entity
  • [DDC-716] - Proxy autogeneration fails with concurrent requests
  • [DDC-719] - Error in SQL subquery for a ManyToMany selfreferencing enitity when using the SIZE() or IS EMPTY dql function


  • [DDC-167] - New method: EntityManager#getPartialReference
  • [DDC-544] - Extract Interface on Doctrine\ORM\Repository
  • [DDC-577] - Change default allocationSize from 10 to 1
  • [DDC-596] - Add @DiscriminatorMap validation to orm:validate-schema
  • [DDC-600] - Persisting Entities with unmanaged related associations produces ugly notices
  • [DDC-723] - Upgrade ORM to depend on DBAL Beta3

New Feature

  • [DDC-178] - Query Hint for LOCK mechanisms plus support in $em->find()
  • [DDC-620] - Add support to multiple FROM clauses
  • [DDC-697] - Support for DateTime in query parameters


  • [DDC-13] - Enhance DQL chapter
  • [DDC-410] - review all sql to ensure that it works with concurrent requests


  • [DDC-591] - Support Pessimistic Locks for Entities with a JoinedSubclassPersister

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