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  • [DDC-256] - AnnotationExporter does not support inheritanceType
  • [DDC-331] - Select Field of Root on Child Dql Alias generates wrong SQL
  • [DDC-440] - originalEntityData not initialized for proxy loaded via an association using EntityManaget->find()
  • [DDC-481] - Incorrect table aliasing when using quoting on table names
  • [DDC-503] - Getting error when using id generator stategy NONE
  • [DDC-505] - Bad parsing of reserved word in query andWhere method
  • [DDC-527] - Oci8 fetchAll possibly has a bug with LOBs
  • [DDC-531] - Collections broken in self-referenced Entities
  • [DDC-534] - UnitOfWork propertyChanged does nto check if the notified model property is one being persisted
  • [DDC-537] - <sequence-generator /> missing from XML Schema
  • [DDC-545] - XML Driver Unique Constraint Property can't be set on an Entity
  • [DDC-548] - Code example for reverse engineering no longer functions
  • [DDC-549] - \Doctrine\ORM\Mapping\DatabaseDriver::loadMetadataForClass fails to detect primary key when primary key is also a foreign key
  • [DDC-552] - Fatal error Undefined Method on ClassMetadataInfo::getReflectionClass() over CLI commands
  • [DDC-554] - Sequence Names in XML Driver
  • [DDC-557] - Custom Mapping Types docs code example is incomplete
  • [DDC-560] - Fix DBAL PostConnect code example in docs
  • [DDC-561] - Metadata caching broken due to incomplete __sleep functions
  • [DDC-566] - Wrong variable name causes conversion from d1 schema to d2 schema to fail
  • [DDC-568] - Notice 'Undefined index' in UnitOfWork when hydrating partial objects with OneToOne assoc (owning side)
  • [DDC-571] - IntegerType - NULL in datbase should be NULL not 0
  • [DDC-574] - PHP Mapping Driver generates notnull => false, instead of nullable => true
  • [DDC-576] - New entities must have primary key values right after flushing with IDENTITY strategy
  • [DDC-578] - Entity proxy classes don't respect reference returning
  • [DDC-580] - loadMappingFile in XmlDriver
  • [DDC-588] - EntityManager::refresh fails when ID columnName differs from fieldName
  • [DDC-589] - Doctrine\Tests\ORM\Functional\DatabaseDriverTest failures
  • [DDC-592] - 'undefined index' errors from CLI orm:validate-schema when inversedBy field does not exist on inverse side
  • [DDC-593] - Subquery parenthesis omitted in generated SQL
  • [DDC-599] - Inheritance breaks cascading
  • [DDC-602] - PEAR installer does not work
  • [DDC-603] - $metadata->name classify can lead to all caps
  • [DDC-604] - array_merge in Query::_doExecute causes parameter reordering
  • [DDC-608] - Sandbox doesn't work anymore
  • [DDC-610] - Numeric strings are not quoted
  • [DDC-622] - Caching ClassMetadata of an joined subclass with id generator sequence with apc and xml mapping
  • [DDC-628] - Doctrine 2: precission and scale not allowed by XML schema
  • [DDC-631] - XMLDriver $metadata->table['indexes'] undefined


  • [DDC-275] - Improve QueryBuilder docs
  • [DDC-372] - Improve documentation of doctrine command line tasks
  • [DDC-443] - Adding a Many-To-One Unidirectional mapping to help clarify Association Mapping documentation
  • [DDC-515] - CLI Task: validate-mapping
  • [DDC-540] - Documentation Improvement
  • [DDC-541] - Make Schema / SchemaTool stack ID columns at the top of a table
  • [DDC-550] - <doctrine-mapping /> tag attributes generated by XmlExporter are inconsistent with documentation & do not provide code completion in IDEs
  • [DDC-606] - CLI documentation is out of date
  • [DDC-612] - Query\Expr::substring() third parameter should be optional

New Feature

  • [DDC-153] - add a database table prefix option
  • [DDC-161] - Custom Hydrator
  • [DDC-494] - Add IBM DB2 Support


  • [DDC-361] - Create documentation for the new partial object syntax and the structure of result sets.


  • [DDC-495] - Add Driver and Statement for DB2
  • [DDC-496] - Add Platform and SchemaManager for DB2
  • [DDC-528] - Add PDO_IBM Support
  • [DDC-590] - Create Documentation for new Lock support

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