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  • [DDC-6] - Dont use 'length' metadata attribute for anything other than string types.
  • [DDC-19] - Can't unserialize serialized entity which has a proxy as a single valued relationship as a value
  • [DDC-32] - EntityManager#getReference broken
  • [DDC-34] - schema-tool --create tries to create duplicate associations and exits with exception
  • [DDC-35] - [patch] The cli configuration maps the convert-mapping task to the wrong file name for the class
  • [DDC-38] - associations that are null should not create a prox object
  • [DDC-39] - Proxy definition files doesn't get updated when changing Entity
  • [DDC-41] - Getting error with lazy loading via createQuery() followed by $em->flush()
  • [DDC-42] - the DQL parser does not support boolean literal values
  • [DDC-43] - offset and limit are in the wrong order (at least SQLite)
  • [DDC-49] - Incomplete MySQL Query Generator (MySQL Syntax error)
  • [DDC-50] - Call to undefined method Doctrine\ORM\Mapping\OneToManyMapping::getQuotedJoinColumnName()
  • [DDC-51] - Notice: Undefined index: [columnName] in/Doctrine/ORM/Mapping/OneToManyMapping.php on line 129
  • [DDC-52] - Eager Load with allowPartialObjects set to TRUE
  • [DDC-55] - Query paramater mapping error
  • [DDC-56] - ManyToMany mapping does not take difference between field name and column name into account
  • [DDC-57] - ManyToMany PDOException MySQL Syntax Error
  • [DDC-58] - Getting "undefined index" notices from fields in subentities which are foreign indices.
  • [DDC-61] - OneToOne relation with an entity using Class Table Inheritance fails
  • [DDC-62] - Syntax error in proxy generated for entity in global namespace
  • [DDC-63] - missing time and date SQL declaration for all platforms
  • [DDC-64] - missing column type "clob"
  • [DDC-66] - missing column type "timestamp"
  • [DDC-71] - Method Doctrine\ORM\Tools\Export\Driver\AnnotationExporter::getClassToExtend() does not exist
  • [DDC-72] - column alias not recognized in ConvertDoctrine1Schema
  • [DDC-73] - Lifecycle Events only work with undocumented @HasLifecycleCallbacks in Annonation classes
  • [DDC-76] - LazyLoad Creation of AnnotationDriver from Configuration Constructor into Getter
  • [DDC-77] - PHP Warning when trying to skip non-existaint Annotations
  • [DDC-81] - Wrong class names when using sub-namespaces
  • [DDC-82] - ConvertMapping is broken in latest svn
  • [DDC-83] - Tests segfault under oracle
  • [DDC-87] - Mysql Schema Manager does not correctly detect Decimal
  • [DDC-88] - SchemaTool/Platform DDL does not escape column names
  • [DDC-91] - Oracle, Pgsql and Sqlite SchemaManager::listTableIndexes() currently can't return corresponding columns
  • [DDC-101] - Mapping Column of Type String Default Length
  • [DDC-102] - Is a field nullable by default or not?
  • [DDC-104] - Junk annotation code generated using convert mapping
  • [DDC-105] - Call to undefined method Doctrine\DBAL\Platforms\MySqlPlatform::quote()
  • [DDC-108] - Transitive persistence broken
  • [DDC-112] - Extend ORMFunctionalTestCase to Log all Queries and Enrich Test Failures with them
  • [DDC-116] - array_combine error when using combined Primary Key
  • [DDC-118] - DateTime maps to TIMESTAMP for MySQL, breaks "nullable"
  • [DDC-121] - Persisting added children to parent in a one-to-many relationship fails
  • [DDC-136] - Usage of spl_object_hash in UnitOfWork is dangerous


  • [DDC-21] - Already fetched associations should not be overriden by subsequent queries.
  • [DDC-22] - EntityManager#refresh() should also refresh associations.
  • [DDC-47] - Improve query resultset cache control
  • [DDC-48] - Cache Namespaces
  • [DDC-70] - Add More EntityManager Tests
  • [DDC-84] - Add Schema Tool Tests with incremental changes against all platforms
  • [DDC-103] - DBAL Platforms getAlterTableSql() should return an array of SQL statements on all platforms
  • [DDC-109] - SchemaTool::create does not enforce Unique Constraint on OneToMany Uni-Directional with Join Table
  • [DDC-114] - Extend Drop Schema
  • [DDC-120] - Create oci8 driver

New Feature

  • [DDC-36] - EntityManager#persist should accept more objects to easily persist multiple objects.


  • [DDC-11] - Complete configuration chapter
  • [DDC-14] - Write "Events" chapter
  • [DDC-18] - Track proxy objects in the identity map?
  • [DDC-33] - Remove allowPartialObjects option.
  • [DDC-44] - Remove the static driver class map in DriverManager.
  • [DDC-59] - Add Caching chapter to the manual

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