Release Notes - Doctrine 2 - ORM - Version 2.0-ALPHA2 - HTML format


  • [DDC-5] - Remove unsigned/fixed
  • [DDC-7] - Lazy loading associated collection fails with class table inheritance
  • [DDC-8] - DQL Join fails when primary key is not called "id"
  • [DDC-20] - CLONE -cache problem with joined tables and external data change
  • [DDC-24] - text type not portable (works only on MySQL)
  • [DDC-25] - Boolean type does not work
  • [DDC-27] - schema-tool --create creates a table for a mapped superclass
  • [DDC-28] - ProxyClassGenerator should not attempt to override static methods
  • [DDC-29] - ProxyClassGenerator does not correctly override methods with type-hinted array or default values or pass by reference
  • [DDC-30] - DateTimeType should take into account null as a possible value
  • [DDC-31] - ClassMetadata discriminatorColumn['name'] should always be set when discriminatorColumn is not null


  • [DDC-23] - Limit and offset in QueryBuilder
  • [DDC-26] - Add support for subdirectories in classdir when using schema-tool --create
  • [DDC-1327] - CLONE -Limit and offset in QueryBuilder


  • [DDC-9] - Add support to "options" in XML Mapping Driver

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