Release Notes - Doctrine 1 - Version 1.2.0-BETA2 - HTML format


  • [DC-178] - Import Builder doesn't use default table class name
  • [DC-179] - Wrong length estimation in Doctrine_Validator->validateLength() if locale sets decimal point other than "dot"
  • [DC-180] - [PATCH] Unique index name for column aggregation key column
  • [DC-184] - Doctrine_Connection_Statement->execute() gerenates a PHP warning with Doctrine 1.2 BETA1
  • [DC-190] - Fatal error while connecting after an reset of the Doctrine_Manager
  • [DC-191] - Doctrine_Migration->loadMigrationClassesFromDirectory fail when launched 2 times
  • [DC-192] - Doctrine_Import_Builder Missing Relation Alias When Using classPrefix
  • [DC-197] - [patch] default model orderBy option breaks data-load task
  • [DC-204] - [patch] Cloning or copying a query object keeps a reference to the previous hydrator
  • [DC-205] - Problem with serial fields on PostgreSQL
  • [DC-207] - Masked exception makes it very difficult to debug


  • [DC-156] - missing foreignType: one in code example if "Foreign Key Associations" in chapter "Defining Models"
  • [DC-186] - Patch to correct CLI tests
  • [DC-201] - [PATCH] Level is oracle keyword (reopened #479)

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