Version 1.2.2


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Released: 29/Mar/10

Release Notes

BlockerBugDC-300synchronizeWithArray deletes Entries in RefTable when updating related EntriesJonathan H. WageClosed
BlockerBugDC-483Indentifiers are not quoted in queries build for Nested Relations (patch included)Jonathan H. WageResolved
BlockerBugDC-508All but the first migrations fail with PostgreSQL [patch included]Jonathan H. WageClosed
BlockerBugDC-561Doctrine autoloader tries to load class again and fails with fatal error - with fixJonathan H. WageClosed
BlockerBugDC-717Default value for columns is generated wrong. THe default value becomes the result value in the schema files.Jonathan H. WageResolved
CriticalBugDC-352Doctrine_RawSql/Caching fatal errorJonathan H. WageResolved
CriticalBugDC-366Error with tokenizer for JOINs (comments include proposed solutions)Jonathan H. WageClosed
CriticalBugDC-460Doctrine_Cache_Apc/Core changes in 1.2 cause instability and crashesJonathan H. WageClosed
CriticalBugDC-521Empty records cannot be inserted on PostgreSQL with autoincrement identifiersJonathan H. WageClosed
CriticalBugDC-524Out Of Range in Template Geographical Calculation using PostgresqlJonathan H. WageClosed
CriticalBugDC-565Versionable bugging when used with I18NJonathan H. WageClosed
CriticalBugDC-573Invalid SQL generated by Doctrine_Query::getLimitSubquery() when ordering by multiple columnsJonathan H. WageClosed
CriticalBugDC-674NULL Dates are translated to '0000-00-00' after upgrading to 1.2.2Jonathan H. WageOpen
CriticalBugDC-895[I18n] Defining languages with locality (eg. en_GB) breaks functionality with SQL Integrity error - fix includedJonathan H. WageResolved
MajorImprovementDC-104Fetching a subset of records from the viewJonathan H. WageResolved
MajorBugDC-289Using MSSQL connection the find method for models does not workJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-318Doctrine_Table::find(x) fails for odbc/mssql connection due to limit() clauseJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-319getModified() returns object where ids are expectedJonathan H. WageResolved
MajorBugDC-320Doctrine_Record fails to correctly update columns named data (conflict with getData method)Jonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-323when inserting a record into sql server (via odbc) doctrine fails to get last inserted IDJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-332Doctrine_Migration_Diff doesn't work when plugin schemas are present but there is no app schemaJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorImprovementDC-345delete reference between OneToOne-Relation with synchronizeWithArray(), patch availableJonathan H. WageResolved
MajorImprovementDC-346synchronize records based on the primary keys, patch availableJonathan H. WageResolved
MajorBugDC-365softdelete documentation is outof dateJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-374importing sqlite db with doctrine does not detect autoincrement fieldsJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-377Cannot delete a taggable record (Taggable Extension)Jonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-380Sequence SQL is not generated when exporing sql for postgres - with patchJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorImprovementDC-381Automatic sequence names - with patchJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-384Nested set API allows inconsistent trees to be createdJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-385Behavior geographical generates latitude FLOAT(18, 2), longitude FLOAT(18, 2) - it's not exactJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-394Searchable behavior's batchUpdateIndex fails if a table has a composite primary key.Jonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-395sfYaml library included twiceJonathan H. WageResolved
MajorBugDC-397unlinking of associations with aliased local-/foreignKeys is brokenJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-398PORTABILITY_EMPTY_TO_NULL doesn't do anything for statementsJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorNew FeatureDC-404Allow custom language field name in I18n Behavior Jonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-406more robust handling for "actAs: [Timstampable]" handlingJonathan H. WageResolved
MajorBugDC-410Email-validator doesn't workJonathan H. WageResolved
MajorBugDC-411Doctrine::Inflector does not handle table names with dashesJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-419Sluggable and inheritanceJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-428Bug on DropDB on Oracle. The sequence isn't not correctJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-437Connection::query() can use wrong connectionJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorImprovementDC-446Doctrine_Record_Generator::createClass with Doctrine_Record_ListenerJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-458Doctrine_Validator_Ip fails on IPV6 IP addresses.Jonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-468Project directories that have underscores (ie my_project) in the name get replaced with slashes (my/project) when generating modelsJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-469getAccessors and getMutators shows notices if they are not setJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-472In the relatedExists method of the Doctrine_Record class the exception is incorrectly thrown imhoJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-482$data passed to foreach is wrongJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-487Worng docs: @return docs of some methods in Doctrine_Query_Abstract class are worng.Guilherme BlancoClosed
MajorBugDC-488Cannot parse table name including 'join'Guilherme BlancoClosed
MajorBugDC-493method bracketExplode when tablename contains "Join"Jonathan H. WageClosed
MajorImprovementDC-495Allow the end of line style to be set in the record builderJonathan H. WageResolved
MajorBugDC-500Duplicate Index for foreign key(MySQL)Jonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-503Migrations task generates wrong diff for long table namesJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-504toArray not using lazy loadingJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorImprovementDC-505Doctrine_Cache_Db can be much fasterJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-506Doctrine_Adapter_Statement_Oracle missing fetch statement in fetchAll()Jonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-510setColumnOption(s) doesn't update _identifier when setting column as primary (symfony 1.4.2)Jonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-512Wrong sorting of migration filesJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-513Complex HAVING clause generates incorrect SQL in Doctrine_Query::getCountSqlQuery() and Doctrine_Query::getLimitSubquery() [patch included]Guilherme BlancoClosed
MajorImprovementDC-518Generated *Table.class.php should contain a getInstance() methodJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-522Can not use charset and collate in a table basis when using global charset and collate in Doctrine_ManagerJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-545MSSQL Server: Inserting blank records throws exception / Invalid casting of bound query parameters in sub-selects.Guilherme BlancoClosed
MajorBugDC-550Cannot update record from one large integer to another large integer (severe problem for 32bit systems, due to the low upper limit of the int data type)Jonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-555infinite recursion happens when saving models with circular referenceJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-556Index name errorJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-557Primary Key ErrorJonathan H. WageResolved
MajorImprovementDC-559Doctrine_Core::loadModels() cachingJonathan H. WageResolved
MajorBugDC-563Import/Pgsql: listTableRelations: bad use of strpos search composite foreign keys (patch provided)Jonathan H. WageClosed
MajorImprovementDC-564Postgresql: listSequences: relname badly "formatted" (patch provided)Jonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-567RawSql: getCountSqlQuery does not work correctly with PostgreSQL (patch provided)Jonathan H. WageClosed
MajorImprovementDC-568Make it possible to use microtime as the version value when using VersionableJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-569Duplicate unique indexes on PostgreSQLJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorNew FeatureDC-574Add support for __toString() in the generatorJonathan H. WageResolved
MajorBugDC-577Sluggable can not index slug if using a providerJonathan H. WageResolved
MajorBugDC-592PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method Doctrine_Connection_Oracle::getDeclaration() in ....\Doctrine\Export\Oracle.php on line 501Jonathan H. WageResolved
MajorNew FeatureDC-596make it possible to pass in builderOptions for templatesJonathan H. WageResolved
MajorBugDC-602Cardinality violation when searching phraseJonathan H. WageResolved
MajorBugDC-651[PATCH] Doctrine_Record::option('orderBy', ...) of join's right side being applied to refTable in m2m relationshipGuilherme BlancoOpen
MajorBugDC-708Wrong definition for MySQL string primary columnJonathan H. WageOpen
MajorBugDC-740issue with multiple connection handlingJonathan H. WageOpen
MajorBugDC-753doctrine generate-migrations-diff throws "No php or yml files found at path"Jonathan H. WageOpen
MajorBugDC-764Major->please.....Value of Primary key from sequence in Postgres table NOT being set (although sequence gets incremented)Jonathan H. WageResolved
MajorBugDC-769Variable type different for return value from Doctrine_Record->toArray() depending on whether the object is from a select, or a save.Jonathan H. WageOpen
MajorBugDC-795Can't mix Soft and Hard deletes. Fix with patch provided.Jonathan H. WageOpen
MajorBugDC-799Doctrine_Query::parseFunctionExpression() produces unexpected results if the expression contains a functionGuilherme BlancoOpen
MinorBugDC-139Versionable behavior not use the right connectionJonathan H. WageClosed
MinorBugDC-334Doctrine_Migration_Diff relies sys_get_tmp_dir in a way that will break with mutliple projects running the command at onceJonathan H. WageClosed
MinorBugDC-350Problem with Doctrine_Record::link() where $this->$alias is NULL (including possible fix)Jonathan H. WageClosed
MinorBugDC-378Typo in documentation for Taggable ExtensionJonathan H. WageClosed
MinorImprovementDC-407Doctrine_Core::HYDRATE_SINGLE_SCALAR improvementJonathan H. WageClosed
MinorBugDC-408Schema generation on Oracle databases fails due to invalid/unexistant table namesJonathan H. WageClosed
MinorBugDC-413Validating Spanish Ñ produces "Notice"Jonathan H. WageClosed
MinorBugDC-414Sluggable template fails on case insensitive fields [solution]Jonathan H. WageClosed
MinorBugDC-425I18n - Can't create lang column as varchar(5)Jonathan H. WageClosed
MinorBugDC-434setCharset($charset) on mysql/pgsql connections does not set Doctrine_Core::ATTR_DEFAULT_TABLE_CHARSETJonathan H. WageClosed
MinorBugDC-441When using PearStyle model loading and a classPrefix, the Doctrine CLI will ignore any SQL operations if model_autoloading is set to conservative Benjamin EberleiResolved
MinorBugDC-475generate-migrations-diff is producing bogus migrations (drops the whole database)Jonathan H. WageClosed
MinorBugDC-480Since 1.2, records can't have columns named "options" anymoreJonathan H. WageClosed
MinorImprovementDC-492Nested set behavior not correctly working (Doctrine_Node_NestedSet::shiftRlValues) (Updated)Jonathan H. WageClosed
MinorImprovementDC-511Inflector::classify is slowJonathan H. WageClosed
MinorBugDC-517[PATCH] copy() method ignores INDEXBY associationsJonathan H. WageClosed
MinorBugDC-529HYDRATE_SINGLE_SCALAR returns false for fetchOne() correct value for execute()Jonathan H. WageClosed
MinorBugDC-537Timestamp Validator splits on wrong character (from Trac #2018)Jonathan H. WageClosed
MinorBugDC-543Doctrine_Inflector::unaccent does not replace the norwegian characters æøåJonathan H. WageClosed
MinorImprovementDC-546[PATCH] Missing $this->_table in Doctrine_Search when Index table not generated on the fly, throws Doctrine_Search_Exception' with message 'Invalid argument type. Expected instance of Doctrine_TableJonathan H. WageClosed
MinorImprovementDC-570Make table classes suffix configurable (with patch)Jonathan H. WageClosed
MinorBugDC-605importSchema uses the connection name to identify the schema nameJonathan H. WageResolved
MinorBugDC-803Syntax error in MySQL migration to drop constraint (patch supplied)Jonathan H. WageOpen
MinorBugDC-1006Custom geometric query error with orderByJonathan H. WageOpen
TrivialBugDC-343Doctrine_View_Exception is documented as "Doctrine_Validator_Exception"Jonathan H. WageClosed
TrivialBugDC-459Typo in Doctrine_Validator_EmailJonathan H. WageResolved
TrivialBugDC-549Doctrine_DataDict_Oracle TYPOJonathan H. WageClosed
TrivialBugDC-579Doctrine_Record->_get() with $load === false generates E_NOTICE (patch)Jonathan H. WageResolved
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