Version 1.2.0-BETA3


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Released: 16/Nov/09

Release Notes

BlockerBugDC-183Undefined constant Doctrine_Core::ATTR_DEFAULT_TEXTFLD_LENGTHJonathan H. WageClosed
BlockerBugDC-210PEAR style models generation produces unusable table classesJonathan H. WageClosed
CriticalBugDC-145Invalid parameter number: number of bound variables does not match number of tokens Guilherme BlancoClosed
CriticalBugDC-223Cloning a query object re-creates hydrator object and loses hydration mode in the process.Jonathan H. WageClosed
CriticalBugDC-236Doctrine_Collection->toHierarchy() : __children field doesn't contain correct childrenJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-36Pager brakes joins with "with" keywordGuilherme BlancoClosed
MajorBugDC-187The Unique does not work correctly when using "SoftDelete"Jonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-194Oracle dropDatabase does not workJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-213Doctrine_Import_Schema::parseSchema(): handling of global options in schema definitionJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-215Invalid fix for DC-204, the clone should take over the hydration modeGuilherme BlancoResolved
MajorBugDC-216import camelize table namesJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-221Doctrine_Migration fail when used two timesJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-225Class prefix is not prepended to model subclassesJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-230CLONE [DC-197] default model orderBy option breaks data-load taskJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-235wrong strpos() check in Doctrine_Cache_Driver::deleteByPrefix()Jonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-262Doctrine_Manager::resetInstance() is not restting all propertiesJonathan H. WageClosed
MinorImprovementDC-209Compiler includes unnecessary filesJonathan H. WageClosed
MinorBugDC-211Generated phpdoc relations comments doesn't include classPrefixJonathan H. WageClosed
MinorBugDC-212Doctrine_Node_NestedSet::hasParent() returns true on non-leaf objects.Jonathan H. WageClosed
MinorBugDC-222Found a reference to deprecated Doctrine class in Doctrine_Sequence_Db2Jonathan H. WageClosed
MinorBugDC-224Pear style class generation causes underscores in models_path to be replaced with slashesJonathan H. WageClosed
MinorImprovementDC-232Add Doctrine_Record#hasMappedValue()Jonathan H. WageClosed
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