Version 1.2.0-BETA1


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Released: 03/Nov/09

Release Notes

BlockerBugDC-39Linking between one to many relations with synchronizeWithArray failsJonathan H. WageClosed
BlockerBugDC-69Linking between one to one relations with synchronizeWithArray failsJonathan H. WageClosed
CriticalBugDC-73TestCase framework normally uses identityMap for records created in prepareData() what can cause side effectsJonathan H. WageClosed
CriticalBugDC-93Calling refreshRelated causes hasOne records to be created in errorJonathan H. WageClosed
CriticalBugDC-103doctrine 1.0 not getting table correctly - huge bug - not usableJonathan H. WageClosed
CriticalBugDC-146GenerateMigrationsDiff task does not use new order of changeColumn()Jonathan H. WageClosed
CriticalBugDC-162Doctrine_Migration_Builder fail to buildChangeColumn()Jonathan H. WageResolved
MajorImprovementDC-55Add documentation for record filtersJonathan H. WageResolved
MajorImprovementDC-65Add documentation for Doctrine::ATTR_HYDRATE_OVERWRITEJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-74Condition of STATE_PROXY should be checked dynamically, not as a static state valueJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-87Import / export does not take into account the connection to the databaseJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorNew FeatureDC-96Add support for the SET datatypeJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-116getParent() works as getRoot() in NestedSet behaviorJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorImprovementDC-127Allow a class prefix to be specified when calling Doctrine_Core::loadModels()Jonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-128search is using default connection for query not the indexed table's connectionJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-132LOB mode not used for BLOB fields that are specified as a file handleJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-135Nested i18n versionable behaviourJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-137Doctrine_Record_Generator does not autoload classesJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-141Invalid fix [6568] for DC-132Jonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-151Doctrine_Collection::loadRelated() issues with empty collection and handling with no name parameterJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-152isModified deep isn't working when only deep objects are modifiedJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-153Some pieces of Doctrine's internal code can't work properly without a default connectionJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-158Postgresql Import does not recognize all parts of a composite primary key as primary keysJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-159No use of Offset in the Limit / Offset DocumentationJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-163Validator throws out a data type which the schema processing has acceptedGuilherme BlancoClosed
MajorBugDC-165outdated symfony Yaml parser causes troublesJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-169replace() method does not affect Timestampable fieldsJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorNew FeatureDC-171make it possible to force deletion when using softdeleteJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-172change 6611 wrongJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-173Error generating models from db when a table name is a reserved word in PostgreSQLJonathan H. WageResolved
MajorBugDC-175New hardDelete() on Soft Delete Template creates blank recordsJonathan H. WageClosed
MinorBugDC-110Doctrine_Export_Mysql does not quote tableName in createIndexSql()Jonathan H. WageClosed
MinorImprovementDC-114calculateQueryCacheHash / calculateResultCacheHash with pendingJoinConditionsJonathan H. WageClosed
MinorImprovementDC-115Doctrine_Cli and Doctrine_Task: further improvements to creation and registration of custom tasksJonathan H. WageClosed
MinorBugDC-130Doctrine::generateModelsFromDb fails on foreign key relationships with certain table names on PostgresqlJonathan H. WageClosed
MinorBugDC-144Doctrine_Manager::getConnectionForComponent() should use Doctrine_Core::modelsAutoload()Jonathan H. WageClosed
MinorBugDC-147In doctrine 1.2 load_data fails with a bogus error when id holders are repeatedJonathan H. WageResolved
MinorNew FeatureDC-148When running cli tasks and there's an exception/error - it's helpful to have detailed information displayedJonathan H. WageClosed
MinorImprovementDC-154Documentation fixes in several chaptersJonathan H. WageClosed
MinorImprovementDC-155Missing part of the description for code examples in "Working with Models" chapterJonathan H. WageClosed
MinorBugDC-164Validator throws out a 'boolean' with null value.Jonathan H. WageClosed
MinorBugDC-167Adding a foreign key to the uniqueBy option of a Sluggable doesn't workJonathan H. WageClosed
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