Version 1.2.0-ALPHA3


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Released: 20/Oct/09

Release Notes

CriticalBugDC-92Doctrine_Import_Pgsql::listTableColumns() creates wrong default values for boolean fieldsJonathan H. WageClosed
CriticalBugDC-134Parse error in lib/Doctrine/Cache/Xcache.php (missing ;) and delete() should be deleteCache() (patch included)Jonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-68When exporting model to SQL, Doctrine generates erroneous constraint name for table name with schemaJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-76[PATCH] The interface Doctrine_Record_Listener_Interface does not define all the required methods to create custom listeners.Jonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-79Unexpected exception type when saving a relation with an invalid model in itJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorImprovementDC-82Conditional unique validator and index Jonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-84Migration automation methods break with tables and fks on the same migration classJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-86NOW() doesn't work in Sqlite driverJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorImprovementDC-90Proposal: add Doctrine_Record::setColumnOption() method (diff included)Jonathan H. WageClosed
MajorImprovementDC-91Adjust file structure to make Doctrine more compatible with existing autoloaders via svn:externalsJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorNew FeatureDC-95support PEAR file/class naming conventions when generating model classes with a base classJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-98Generated base class file names get erroneously prefixedJonathan H. WageResolved
MajorBugDC-99Formatting Foreign Key contraint with cross databasesJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-100Patch to solve php fatal error bug in Class Table Inheritance codeRoman S. BorschelClosed
MajorBugDC-101Length of ForeignKey name in constraint parameterJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-102Fix issue with model builder and class prefix files still prefixing table class filesJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-105notnull: false is ignored for integers with the mssql exportJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-108new Doctrine_Expression('NOW()') - now dont workJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorImprovementDC-112Improve result cacheJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-124Doctrine_Inflector uses tabs in the class definitionJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-125Searchable: batchUpdateIndex has a memory leakJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-131"Fatal error: [] operator not supported for strings" when use Apc Cache Driver with Doctrine 1.2.0 ALPHA 3Jonathan H. WageClosed
MinorNew FeatureDC-63Option to additionally add validators to fieldsJonathan H. WageClosed
MinorNew FeatureDC-64Sluggable extension: new provider option for custom unique slugsJonathan H. WageClosed
MinorImprovementDC-71classPrefixFiles should affect base classes as wellJonathan H. WageClosed
MinorImprovementDC-78Doctrine_Cli: tests and refactoringsJonathan H. WageClosed
MinorBugDC-113The nextId method doesn't have a good path for non-existing sequences when autocreate is not enabled.Jonathan H. WageClosed
MinorImprovementDC-117Doctrine_Migration_Base: methods to set default table optionsJonathan H. WageClosed
MinorBugDC-136Table->find() does not reset the modified field listJonathan H. WageClosed
TrivialBugDC-89Doctrine_Table::setColumn() "... as ..." parsing code typo.Jonathan H. WageClosed
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