Version 1.2.0-ALPHA1


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Released: 18/Sep/09

Release Notes

BlockerBugDC-24"AS" clause in DQL crashes the further update of the row in one-many relationship Jonathan H. WageResolved
MajorBugDC-1Doctrine_Data_Import override rows with same rowKey in different classesGuilherme BlancoClosed
MajorBugDC-2Doctrine_Null iterating over Doctrine_RecordJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-3synchronizeWithArray() ignores mapped valuesJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorImprovementDC-5index on keyField when column aggregationJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorNew FeatureDC-7Implement on demand hydration as new core hydration driver typeJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-10Inappropriate Exception handler in Doctrine_CliJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-14multiple table alias parsing failJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-15Doctrine_Record_Generator does not use Doctrine_Import_Builder->tableClassName to build tablesJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorImprovementDC-17dropDatabase fail silently, despite PDO ExceptionJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorImprovementDC-21Option to prevent autoinstantiation of foreign records during get() operationsJonathan H. WageResolved
MajorBugDC-23Defining relations in inline fixtures does not work in some casesJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorImprovementDC-32Postgres tsvector & tsquery data typesJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-34GoogleI18n fails when importing fixturesJonathan H. WageClosed
MajorBugDC-38At run-time, generator for behaviors' model cannot be customisedJonathan H. WageClosed
MinorBugDC-8Doctrine_Hydrator error while populate records if column contains double underscoresJonathan H. WageResolved
MinorBugDC-27'quote identifiers' does not affect Doctrine_Query->replace()Jonathan H. WageClosed
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