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Can't Use Custom Repository Class for Embedded Doc When Using YAML Driver


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      When using the Yaml driver the ClassMetadata generation process won't create and use the indicated custom repository class for an embedded document. From what I can see digging into the actual code, it will work when using the Annotations or XML drivers, but in the Yaml driver the call to setCustomRepositoryClass is inside of a conditional that only gets entered if the document type is 'document'.

      I'm not completely sure, but from what I can see elsewhere in the code, it looks like mapped superclasses should also be able to have a custom repository class, but can't when using the Yaml driver.

      So I reckon what would work would be to change the code as indicated below:

      //Doctrine/ODM/MongoDb/Mapping/Driver/YamlDriver.php, line 66
      if ($element['type'] == 'document') {
      if (isset($element['repositoryClass']))

      { $class->setCustomRepositoryClass($element['repositoryClass']); }

      } elseif ($element['type'] === 'mappedSuperclass')

      { $class->isMappedSuperclass = true; }

      elseif ($element['type'] === 'embeddedDocument')

      { $class->isEmbeddedDocument = true; }

      <<TO THIS>>
      if (isset($documentAnnot->repositoryClass))

      { $class->setCustomRepositoryClass($element['repositoryClass']); }


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