Doctrine 2 - ORM

Mapping Drivers



Issues concerning all the metadata mapping drivers (annotations, xml, yaml)

Issues: Unresolved

  • New Feature DDC-138 Allow for mixed inheritance mapping
  • Improvement DDC-930 A table cannot have more than one many to many relationship with the same table when using reverse engineer
  • New Feature DDC-1178 Have access to "original" metadata in events subscribed to loadClassMetadata

Issues: Updated recently

  • Improvement DDC-1025 01/Apr/14 Please repalce 'Doctrine\XXX\YYY' with '\Doctrine\XXX\YYY' in code and document
  • Improvement DDC-1180 01/Apr/14 Indexed Associations: foreign key (association) cannot be used as indexBy field
  • Bug DDC-3025 12/Mar/14 Schema tool UPDATE or CREATE not generate decimal precision and scale for ID element

Versions: Unreleased

  • Unreleased 2.1.8 Release Date: 30/Jul/12
  • Unreleased 2.2.4 Release Date: 01/Sep/12
  • Unreleased 2.x  
  • Unreleased 3.0 Release Date: 20/Dec/12
  • Unreleased 2.5 Release Date: 20/Dec/13
  • Unreleased 2.4.3 Release Date: 31/Mar/14
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