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      postPersist/postUpdate events are triggered in the middle of a unitOfWork, and querying the DB in such events causes infinite loops. Doctrine attempts to flush the entity manager before running any query, which triggers flushing of entities, and postPersist/postUpdate events are triggered again.

      I did not checked, but the flush() before each query may be a performance problem too, if doctrine has to determine what has changed, depending on the changetracking policy.

      Also, it would be great if postPersist / postUpdate events were triggered after all entities have been persisted. It looks like that entities are flushed by groups of same 'type', and that events for a type are triggered once all of the elements of that group have been flushed, potentially before entities of an other type have been flushed : postPersist / postUpdate events are triggered while some other entities are still not flushed.


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