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Incomplete MySQL Query Generator (MySQL Syntax error)


    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 2.0-ALPHA3
    • Fix Version/s: 2.0-ALPHA3
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      i checkout the HEAD version. and try to write this DQL

      $query = utilities\DataAccess::getEntityManager()->createQuery("SELECT
      p, t FROM ".models\Phrase::CLASS_NAME." p join p.type t WHERE p.phrase
      = '$phrase'");

      i commented out the $config->setAllowPartialObjects(false);

      and have PDO error that my MySQL statement sytax is invalid.

      i check the Query that the Doctrine create and its like this :
      SELECT p0_.phrase_id AS phrase_id0, p0_.phrase_name AS phrase_name1,
      p1_.phrase_type_id AS phrase_type_id2, p1_.phrase_type_name AS
      phrase_type_name3, p1_.phrase_type_abbreviation AS
      phrase_type_abbreviation4 FROM phrase p0_ INNER JOIN phrase_type p1_
      ON p0_.phrase_type_id = p1_. WHERE p0_.phrase_name = 'abu'

      as you can si at the ON statement it writes p0_.phrase_type_id = p1_.

      the p1_. is not completed. i think my DocAnnotation is OK, because i
      look at the Doctrine Tests Models that test the OneToMany Function
      (the one with the ECommerce models, product and features). I have
      followed all the doc annotation writes there.

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