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      Consider two classes User and Address with one-to-many association.
      I would like to preload addresses for given user object so that it will be accessible via getter method like this:

      1. $user = $userRepository->find($userId);
      2. load some of the addresses but not all
      3. $user->getAddresses() should return those loaded in step 2

      Currently the only solution for step 2 I found working is to write a DQL like this:
      SELECT u, a
      FROM User
      INNER JOIN u.addresses a
      WHERE u = :user AND = 1

      When the data is hydrated it is assigned to the user object and thus accessible with $user->getAddresses (which normally would return all the addresess not only those with foo set)

      The only problem is that the query in step 2 unnecessarily fetches all user data that was already fetched in step 1


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