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Notice: Undefined index: sourceToTargetKeyColumns in /doctrine/orm/lib/Doctrine/ORM/Persisters/BasicEntityPersister .php line 1180


    • Type: Bug
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    • Priority: Major
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    • Affects Version/s: Git Master
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    • Component/s: ORM
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      Symfony2 With PHP 5.5 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS using Apache 2


      I am getting this error:

       Notice: Undefined index: sourceToTargetKeyColumns

      When I try to load my data fixture. There are two ordered fixtures that I'm dealing with: Clients and Users. The client datafixture looks like:

          	 * {@inheritDoc}
          	 public function load(ObjectManager $manager)
          		for($index = 0; $index < 224; $index ++)
          			$client = new Client();
                              $this->addReference($index . 'Client', $client);
          	 public function getOrder()
          	 	return 0;

      While the user data fixture looks like:

           $user = New User();
           $client = $this->getReference($index . 'Client');
           // This line is causing the problem

      For whatever reason, I don't seem to be having issues with any of my other fixtures. Just this one. I've doubled check the entity relationships which are shown bellow.

      My Client.php entity:

           * @ORM\ OneToOne(targetEntity="User", mappedBy="clientAccount")
          protected $user;

      My User.php entity:

           * @ORM\ OneToOne(targetEntity="Client", inversedBy="user")
          protected $clientAccount;

      There seems to be a bug with the return value of getAssociationMapping() for special conditions when implemented in BasicEntityPersister. The files for my fixtures and entities for this project have been attached.

      1. Client.php
        7 kB
        Taylor Kaplan
      2. ClientFixtures.php
        1 kB
        Taylor Kaplan
      3. User.php
        23 kB
        Taylor Kaplan
      4. UserFixtures.php
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        Taylor Kaplan


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