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[UnitOfWork] Entity in identityMap but not present in entityIdentifiers


    • Type: Bug
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    • Priority: Major
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    • Affects Version/s: 2.3.2
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    • Component/s: ORM
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      php 5.4.11, MySQL 5.5, ubuntu 12.10


      I'm using symfony 2.1.8 and sonata/admin-bundle
      I have a quite complex entity mapping.

      • A Competence has many CompetenceAction (superclass)
      • CompetenceActionBuff is a subclass of CompetenceAction and has exactly one buff (selectable in the form by an 'entity' field).

      When i want to edit a Competence, i have the following error message about the Buff entity linked to the CompetenceActionBuff:
      "Entities passed to the choice field must be managed. [...]"
      The exception is raised in Symfony/Bridge/Doctrine/Form/ChoiceList/EntityChoiceList.php at line 412

      I've added some debug code in the EntityManager::contains() method and it shows that my entity is in the entityMap but his oid is not in the keys of entityIdentifiers making the call to UnitOfWork::isInIdentityMap() return false at line 1505.

      When submitting the form, there is no problems. All the entities are correctly created in the database. The exception is thrown only when i want to edit the Competence object. Saying that the Buff object is not managed when it was first loaded from the database... strange, no?

      Finally, i tried to comment the test

      if (!$this->em->contains($entity)))

      in EntityChoiceList::getIdentifierValues() and everything seemed to work properly.

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      3. CompetenceAction.php
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      4. CompetenceActionBuff.php
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