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Transactions should sent in group not chunked


    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 2.2, 2.3, Git Master
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      MySQL 5.5 / Percona


      In UnitOfWork::commit() it seems that a transaction is done like this:

      • will send separate queries for transaction start
      • compute the queries/send them to the db driver
      • execute the commit statement
      • optionally execute rollback

      The question would be, should my webserver have some issues with resources, wouldn't this part of the code be a pain for the DB?

      I don't know how mysql, for example, handles sending the transaction in chunks as opposed to sending it in 2/3 statements ( begin + ops and commit / + revert in case of failure) or in mySQL,l the transaction is evaluated on COMMIT statement only?

      If my assumption about how MySQL works, locking everything as soon as the statement is on the server, then shouldn't Doctrine use a internal buffer for sending transactions to the DB driver in order to avoid all sorts of problems that appear in high concurency scenarios?

      Best regards.


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