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[regression] EntityManager::find() doesn't call custom repository anymore


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    • Affects Version/s: 2.3
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    • Component/s: ORM
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      Up to version 2.2 the entity manager would forward calls to find() to the respective repositories. In 2.3 the entity manager handles these calls directly.

      This interferes with custom repositories that have an overridden find() method.

      It's inconsistent, because $em->getRepository('Foo')->find($id) may do something different to $em ->find('Foo', $id) now.

      Not sure if this is intentional. If it is, it's missing in the change log and the docs (7.8.1. "Essentially, EntityManager#find() is just a shortcut for the following...").

      In any case it's a big BC issue for us:

      • We have (generated) repositories for all aggregate roots which override find() to throw (also generated) custom exceptions when an entity isn't found. We just don't want all those null checks in the client code, especially as we'd sooner or later forget one somewhere.
      • We are using the $em->find('Foo', $id) style everywhere because it's more concise - it doesn't seem to make much sense to explicitly fetch the repository when this could be done implicitly.



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