Doctrine 1




Issues: Unresolved

  • Bug DC-313 Ordering m2m relationship with column from related table (with orderBy option)
  • Bug DC-770 Result Cache
  • Bug DC-952 Non-Equal Nest Relations Not Working - from "Children" side

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug DC-1056 06/Oct/13 Doctrine is not compatible with PHP 5.4 due to change in serialize() behaviour.
  • Bug DC-1060 24/Sep/13 Datetime Fomatting not working on findId in DB2 Platform
  • Bug DC-884 18/Feb/13 Doctrine_Collection::loadRelated uses getLocal instead of getLocalFieldName

Versions: Unreleased

  • Unreleased 1.2.4 Release Date: 30/Sep/10