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Foreign key id columns do not respect ATTR_DEFAULT_IDENTIFIER_OPTIONS


    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.2.3
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      Some time ago Jon Wage suggested that one can override the 8-byte default integer type for IDs by setting Doctrine_Core::ATTR_DEFAULT_IDENTIFIER_OPTIONS in configureDoctrine (in a Symfony project), like this:

      public function configureDoctrine(Doctrine_Manager $manager)

      { // Use 4-byte IDs for backwards compatibility with databases built on // Apostrophe 1.4, sfDoctrineGuard pre-5.0, etc. You don't need this for // a brand new site $options = $manager->getAttribute(Doctrine_Core::ATTR_DEFAULT_IDENTIFIER_OPTIONS); $options['length'] = 4; $manager->setAttribute(Doctrine_Core::ATTR_DEFAULT_IDENTIFIER_OPTIONS, $options); }

      This works for primary key id columns. However it is not respected by foreign key id columns, which do not consult ATTR_DEFAULT_IDENTIFIER_OPTIONS.

      I looked at working around this using ATTR_DEFAULT_COLUMN_OPTIONS, however it is not type-specific. So if you set a length of 4 with that option, it applies not just to all integers but also to dates, datetimes, booleans and many other things that definitely should not be 4 bytes.

      The correct fix seems to be for foreign key id columns to respect ATTR_DEFAULT_IDENTIFIER_OPTIONS.

      Also, ATTR_DEFAULT_COLUMN_OPTIONS should probably let you specify different defaults for each column type as the length option is basically not usable in its current form. But that would not be a particularly clean solution to the foreign key id problem since limiting non-ID integers to 4 bytes should not be necessary.

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      The motivation for this bug report:

      The new stable release of sfDoctrineGuardPlugin (for Symfony) does not specify an integer size as it formerly did, so the size of integers now defaults to 8 bytes. This breaks backwards compatibility with existing code that adds foreign key relationships to sfGuard objects like sfGuardUser, etc. Creating migrations to deal with changing this across all tables involved is quite difficult (all foreign key indexes must be dropped and recreated - doctrine:migrations-diff is unable to figure it out, understandably).


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