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Models that extend a baseclass other than Doctrine_Record treat that baseclass as if it were a model


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    • Affects Version/s: 1.2.3
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      We recently made an extended version of Docrtine_Record which has some functionality that is specific to our project and we switched all our models to use this baseclass by setting the cli option: generate_models_options:baseClassName

      We found that when we rebuilt our db this base class was being treated as it were a model (even though its an abstract class). This was causing some errors during our build and a table based on the name of the baseclass was being created.

      I tracked the problem down to line 310 of Doctrine_Table where the do loop was only breaking for a class named "Doctrine_Record".

      It seemed to make more sense to me to have this loop break for any abstract class, so I copied the technique used to check for abstract classes from Doctrine_Core Line 798. This broke a lot of tests however so due to time constraints I went with a simpler fix – instead I just changed the code that checks if the class is named "Doctrine_Record" to be a regular expression that checks to see if the class name starts with "Doctrine_Record" optionally followed by an underscore + more text in the class name.

      This has fixed my issue and should let people make extensions of doctrine record which they can use as a baseclass provided that their class names indicate that they are extending Doctrine_Record.

      The only problem I can see arising from this if some users have made models that they have named starting with "Doctrine_Record", but that seems like it would be an odd thing to do so this probably it won't be an issue.

      I could however look more closely into detecting abstract classes if this would make my changes significantly more useful.

      Please see attached patch.

      Will Ferrer


        willf1976 will ferrer added a comment -

        Here is the patch

        willf1976 will ferrer added a comment - Here is the patch


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