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Hydrate Array does not return full array, when Hydrate Scalar does


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      OS : Ubuntu 9.04
      PHP : PHP 5.2.6-3ubuntu4.5


      Description : Upon hydrating as array I will receive one row returned. If I am to hydrate as Scalar, I will get 200+ rows. Also, if i echo the sql ($q->getSqlQuery()) and run that raw, it will also return around 200+ rows.

      $q = Doctrine_Query::create()
      ->select('DISTINCT(co.name) AS field, co.name AS value')
      ->from('Model_Country co')
      ->leftJoin('co.City ci');

      //here we will get only the first row
      $results = $q->execute(array(), Doctrine::HYDRATE_ARRAY);

      //Here we will get all 200+ rows
      $results = $q->execute(array(), Doctrine::HYDRATE_SCALAR);

      I have yet to dig to deep into this, but if it is indeed a bug, my guess is it is in Doctrine_Hydrator_Graph::hydrateResultSet()

      I can provide more data if needed.

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