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Lazy loading - doctrine makes extra queries into db


    • Type: Bug Bug
    • Status: Open
    • Priority: Critical Critical
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Affects Version/s: 1.2.0-BETA3
    • Fix Version/s: None
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      Symfony 1.4, Doctrine Version: 1.2.0-BETA3


      Just downloaded symfony 1.4

      First of all I have a query:

      $q = \Doctrine_Query::create()
      ->select('u., ur.')
      ->from('UserDb u')
      ->leftJoin('u.RealUserDetailsDb ur')
      ->leftJoin('u.MockUserDetailsDb um')
      ->where(' = :user_id')
      $user = $q->fetchOne(array(':user_id' => $uid));

      After that I'm accessing the fields of this object:

      $userArray = array(
      'id' => $this->getUser()->getId(),
      'real_user_details_id' => $this->getUser()->getRealUserDetailsId(),
      'mock_user_details_id' => $this->getUser()->getMockUserDetailsId(),
      'real_user_details' => array(),
      'mock_user_details' => array()

      This is the actual queries into DB:

      SELECT AS u_id, u.user_real_id AS uuser_real_id, u.user_mock_id AS uuser_mock_id, AS u2id, u2.nickname AS u2nickname, AS u2_email FROM user u LEFT JOIN user_real u2 ON u.user_real_id = LEFT JOIN user_mock u3 ON u.user_mock_id = WHERE ( = :user_id)

      SELECT AS u_id, u.user_real_id AS uuser_real_id, u.user_mock_id AS u_user_mock_id FROM user u WHERE ( = '1') LIMIT 1

      As you can see there are TWO queries however there should be only one query. The problem is that u.user_real_id is NULL in database and when I do 'real_user_details_id' => $this->getUser()->getRealUserDetailsId() doctrine does not have enough intelligence to understand that these fields have been already requested in NR1. If I comment this field, everything works well.

      And now a surprise... if I modify a little bit my first query: ">select('u.')" instead of , ">select('u., ur.*')" it WON'T make TWO queries. It will make ONLY ONE!

      As you understand this a very critical bug and of course our system won't go to production with this bug.

      P.S. Is it possible to turn off the lazy loading in doctrine?


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