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limit() get lost on multiple joins


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      $strSql = UserFeedTable::getInstance()>createQuery('q')>
      select('q., f., fi., fav.')->
      leftJoin('q.Feed f')->
      leftJoin('f.FeedItem fi')->
      leftJoin('fi.Favorite fav')->
      andWhere('q.profile_id = ?', $intUserId)->
      andWhere('q.is_active = ?', true)->

      string(1075) "SELECT AS u_id, AS uname, u.image AS uimage, u.lead AS ulead, u.headline AS uheadline, u.sort AS usort, u.is_active AS uis_active, u.is_favorite AS uis_favorite, u.feed_id AS ufeed_id, u.profile_id AS uprofile_id, u.category_id AS ucategory_id, u.created_at AS ucreated_at, u.updated_at AS uupdated_at, AS fid, f.url AS furl, AS fname, f.created_at AS fcreated_at, f.updated_at AS fupdated_at, AS f2id, f2.lead AS f2lead, f2.description AS f2description, f2.image AS f2image, f2.pub_date AS f2pub_date, AS f2link, f2.feed_id AS f2feed_id, f2.created_at AS f2created_at, f2.updated_at AS f2updated_at, AS f3id, f3.profile_id AS f3profile_id, f3.feed_item_id AS f3feed_item_id, f3.created_at AS f3created_at, f3.updated_at AS f3_updated_at FROM user_feed u LEFT JOIN feed f ON u.feed_id = LEFT JOIN feed_item f2 ON = f2.feed_id LEFT JOIN favorite f3 ON = f3.feed_item_id WHERE IN ('7', '8', '9', '10', '11') AND (u.profile_id = ? AND u.is_active = ?)"

      As you can see, the limit is missing.


        Michael Kempf created issue -

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