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[GH-428] [DBAL-563] Add interface for sequence emulated identity platforms


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      Currently identity columns on Oracle are implemented with a [trigger and sequence workaround]( to be compatible with IDENTITY generator strategy in ORM. However, using this strategy, the last insert ID is never returned when persisting, as the sequence name generated by DBAL [is not passed to the ID-Generator instance in ORM]( and thus [not passed to the driver]( when calling `IdentityGenerator::generate()`. Therefore the Oracle driver always returns null in this case. This makes this strategy unusable.
      A similar case is given in PostgreSQL where `SERIAL` identity columns need a sequence in order to work. There is a [hackish implementation]( available in ORM for this case which makes it work.
      It is possible that other vendors (when implemented) encounter the same issue. For this reason I tried to create a general solution with this PR.
      ORM needs to know which platforms do not have native support for identity columns but can emulate them with sequences. To prepare this I added an interface that identifies a platform being able to do so. Platforms implementing this interface have to return the name of the sequence used for an identity column in a table. ORM can later make use of this and pass it to the `IdentityGenerator` so that the underlying driver in return is able to supply the last insert ID.
      Current implementing platforms are PostgreSQL and Oracle.


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