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[GH-313] Enhanced Master-Slave Connection


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      Current implementation of MasterSlaveConnection is very restrictive. The slave is picked up only when `executeQuery` is used. If appliacation uses `prepare` method in queries, every `SELECT` is done on master and this is bad for performance of master.

      This PR changes how and when it picks the slave or master:

      1. Slave if master was never picked before and ONLY if `getWrappedConnection`, `query`, `prepare`, or `executeQuery` is used and the query begins with `SELECT` (case insensitive) string.

      2. Master picked when `exec`, `executeUpdate`, `insert`, `delete`, `update`, `createSavepoint`, `releaseSavepoint`, `beginTransaction`, `rollback`, `commit` is called.

      3. Master picked when `query`, `prepare` or `executeQuery` is called and the query doesn't begin with `SELECT` (case insensitive) string.

      4. If master was picked once during the lifetime of the connection it will always get picked afterwards.

      5. One slave connection is randomly picked ONCE during a request.


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