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Automatically attempt to reconnect a dropped persistent MySQL-connection (MySQL server has gone away)


    • Type: Improvement
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    • Affects Version/s: 2.1.6
    • Fix Version/s: 2.5
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      doctrine-dbal/2.1.6, driver PDOMySql


      For php-scripts that run for a long time (a.o. daemons) persistent connections will almost always be dropped by the MySQL-server after a set timeout (depending on wait_timeout). This will have Doctrine throw an exception and have the php-script terminate if not catched. It is not practical to catch the same Exception with a try-catch around every query.

      I have fixed this for DBAL 2.1.6 by adding a custom layer of Statement-, Connection- and Driver classes.
      Key functionalities:

      • The custom layer will transparently catch dropped connections and attempt a number of times (configurable) to reconnect.
      • The behaviour will not be triggered in a transaction (in that case it will revert to throwing an exception just like before).
      • The reconnect behaviour is not MySQL specific per se. It can be triggered by any Exception for any Driver-type if a Driver provides a method 'getReconnectExceptions'.
      • Minimal performance-impact. Only when an Exception is thrown will it be searched for a matching Exception to possibly trigger the behaviour. (also the reason a single stringmatch is used)

      Why this functionality?

      • It is often not possible to change settings of a database-server.
      • In a production environment the MySQL wait_timeout is often set to mere seconds
      • Doctrine's use of persistent connections will become a little more persistent
      • More reliable and robust php-scripts built on top of the DBAL

      See files in attached archive to get an idea of the code. Enabling the layer is currently done like this (Symfony2 yml):
      wrapper_class: DoP\DoPBundle\Doctrine\DBAL\Connection
      driver_class: DoP\DoPBundle\Doctrine\DBAL\Driver\PDOMySql\Driver
      x_reconnect_attempts: 2

      Maybe I overlook something, but I only see pro's, no cons, to this improvement. I have created this issue to poll if you think this is a welcome feature and are interested to have me rework the code into DBAL itself? Reworking it into DBAL itself would certainly greatly reduce my code.

      If agreed I'll create a github pull request when finished with the code and take comments/improvements from there.

      (Also, I have glanced over http://www.doctrine-project.org/contribute.html but did not find any coding/testing-guidelines. Can you point me in the right direction?)



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