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On SQL SERVER Trying to drop a column throws error because of auto generated Constraints


    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 2.2.2
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      MS SQL Server + Windows Server 2008


      Whenever Doctrine tries to drop a column that has some implicit constraints the system the SQL Native Client throws the message:

      The Object 'Name_Of_The_Object' is dependent on column 'Column_To_Drop';

      This is probably because columns such as Decimal Numbers have an automatice generated constraint that need to be dropped in order to drop a column.

      A possible Solution is to add a platform specific getConstratintForTableSQL that queries the database to get all the constraint for the given column, than override the 'alterTable' method in the SQLServer Schema Manager to first drop the constraint than the columns in question by going and checking all the Columns that needs to be dropped in the TableDiff passed.

      Something similar to this but better refactored I guess:

      Changes in SQLServerPlatform.php

      Add a method similar to this:

           * This function retrieves the constraints for a given column that is going to be droppped 
          public function getColumnConstraintSQL($table, $column)
              return "SELECT SysObjects.[Name]
                      From SysObjects Inner Join (Select [Name],[ID] From SysObjects Where XType = 'U') As Tab
                      On Tab.[ID] = Sysobjects.[Parent_Obj] 
                      Inner Join sysconstraints On sysconstraints.Constid = Sysobjects.[ID] 
                      Inner Join SysColumns Col On Col.[ColID] = sysconstraints.[ColID] And Col.[ID] = Tab.[ID]
                      Where Col.[Name] = '$column' and Tab.[Name] = '$table'
                      order by Col.[Name]";

      Changes on SqlServerChemaManager.php

      	* Override
      	public function alterTable(TableDiff $tableDiff)
      		if(count($tableDiff->removedColumns) > 0){
      			$constraintsSql = array();
      			foreach($tableDiff->removedColumns as $col){
      				$constraintsSql[] = $this->_platform->getColumnConstraintSQL($tableDiff->name, $col->oldColumnName);
      			$constraintsToDrop = array();
      			foreach($constraintsSql as $sql){
      				 $constraintsToDrop[] = $this->_conn->execute($sql);
      			foreach($constraintsToDrop as $constraint){
      				$this->_conn->execute("ALTER TABLE $tableDiff->name DROP CONSTRAINT $constraint");
      		return parent::alterTable($tableDiff);

      Hope this helps




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