Announcing Doctrine 4


This article is an April Fools joke.

It has been few months since we shed some light on the future of Doctrine project and had an extensive insight into what Guilherme had been up to. Adding tens of megabytes of IRC logs of internal discussion we felt we owe you an update on where Doctrine is and where it’s heading to:

Doctrine 3 Is No More!

Rest assured, we are in no way ditching all the code Guilherme hacked so far or any of the ideas that sprung for the next major release. We are still looking into leveraging all goodies that were given to us with PHP 7. We want the next Doctrine version to be an extremely stable and reliable piece of software. We are also still trying to figure out how to maintain all projects under Doctrine’s umbrella effectively. To recap, Doctrine is not only the ORM you all know, we are also maintaining a number of ODM projects (MongoDB and CouchDB to name few) which all share basic concepts and code. Some of them also face a major rewrite, like the much anticipated MongoDB ODM 2.0 with support for new MongoDB driver.

Joining Forces

Instead of having each team work independently and implement the same concepts multiple times across various libraries, we decided it’s for the best if we all work on one project and make it as good and robust as possible. In the spirit of breaking boundaries, Doctrine 4 will be all about interoperability. Doctrine 4 will support both RDBMS and NoSQL databases at the same time!

Try It Out Now!

Uniting forces of all Doctrine developers has enabled us to ship an usable “alpha” version way sooner than originally anticipated. But the truly thrilling news is that thanks to tremendous help from guys with we have set up a sandbox environment so everybody can have a hands-on experience using the new version of Doctrine: please visit and share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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